Yash Writes About His High-On-Adrenaline And Acrobats-Filled Paragliding Adventure In Bir Billing!

Yash Writes About His High-On-Adrenaline And Acrobats-Filled Paragliding Adventure In Bir Billing! : I was riding Facebook as expected one day when I ran over Tripbibo commercial of an end of the week outing to Bir Billing. The picture of Paragliding Adventure got my consideration and I got a plan to transform my most out of this world fantasy into the real world.

Without allowing it any apprehensions, I booked an end of the week bundle and inside couple of hours, Akash from Tripbibo reached out to me. He clarified the whole outing and procedures plainly and in a matter of moments, I could hardly imagine how I was really going on an undertaking of my lifetime.

We’ve Only Just Begun!

We took a transport from Majnu Ka Tila, a popular spot in Delhi in the evening around 8 pm and set out on our excursion. On our way, the driver halted around halfway and we ate at a neighborhood eatery. As we proceeded with our excursion, I could see different voyagers getting invigorated as well. As we halted for a coffee break promptly in the first part of the day, everybody began talking and sharing their fervor.

We came to at our homestay in Bir at around 11 am and immediately cleaned up. After we had completed our morning meal, our excursion organizer Ankur amazed us with the news that we’ll need to do paragliding on first day itself.

When Our Hearts Sank In The Surprise!

Initially booked on the subsequent day, the paragliding experience was preponed to first day as the climate conditions were changing and odds of the subsequent day deteriorating for paragliding were high.

At long last we were there at the Paragliding Adventure site and my heart beats got quicker as others went running towards the edge. Their shouts were a blended feeling of dread and fervor.

Since I was the second one in my gathering, Ankur ensured I was clear with the guidelines as I put on the paragliding gears. My partner looked very cool though I was still a piece unsteady.

Without giving it any longer musings we ran towards the edge and the following second, the breeze brushed through my skin, I was in the sky and that was the second when I comprehended the genuine importance of being large and in charge.

Up Above The World So High!

Amazing as it was, it was a great encounter to feel up over the world so high and like a precious stone in the sky (*Giggles*). Himachal looked so heavenly from a stature of 10,000 feet. Besides, the way that I finished my float in the principal run was much really invigorating.

Flying Without Wings Be Like!

Partaking in some tumbler stunts while landing added to the delight of Paragliding Adventure for 25 minutes where we covered a distance of around 15kms by-street from Bir to Billing. This was an extraordinary second and a marvelous encounter for sure!

The Incredibles!

And Then Came The Paragliders Out Of The Sky’s Closet

As yet shuddering because of our paragliding experience, I felt truly eager. In the wake of savoring an extravagant lunch close to the site with Manali Hills in the background, we chose to go to the camping area through voyager and start downhill journeying next morning. We all felt equivalent to it previously got dim and besides, paragliding had given a thumping to us as of now.

Chilling Out At The Campsite!

Taking A Chai Break!

On arriving at the campground we as a whole went to our apportioned tents, put our comfortable garments on and prepared to partake in the huge fire. There was a great deal of singing, moving and fun around the huge fire.

Music, Dance, Bonfire And A Sky Full Of Stars!

Everybody was so relaxed and feeling light subsequent to paragliding that it seemed like a scene straight out of some old hat Bollywood film. We all partook in the delightful supper along with our new companions and rested for the night as we looked at the sky enlightened by the stars.

Basking In The Morning Glory!

We woke dependent upon probably the best morning in our lives. With such bewildering perspectives on the valley, we could hear the yells of euphoria and joy of individuals paragliding toward the beginning of the day.

Soaking Solar Energy For Downhill Trekking

Afterward, everybody immediately cleaned up and snatched ourselves an early breakfast as our declining traveling experience was to start by 9.30 am.

Happy Feet On A Journey Of Miles!

When Posing Became A Necessity!

We journeyed down the mountain through thick woods and intense tracks. I had never felt so near nature as I did toward the end of the week trip. Nature was sprouting energetically and in the midst of the stunning perspectives, we completed our journey of 8 to 9 kms in only 3 hours.

The Wonder Women!

We partook in our last feast all together before we set out to get once again to Delhi. An extreme experience had reached a conclusion and the minutes we appreciated sent chills down the spine and allover.

To Many More Journeys To Come …

High Points:

To feel the virus wind against my face at a stature of 10,000 ft. in the sky is a second I’ll value for eternity.

From meeting new individuals with comparative interests to living it out in nature with restricted assets and downhill traveling across unpleasant path, each second merited the experience.

Since it was an end of the week trip, there were no depressed spots as we appreciated to the center in an exceptionally restricted time span. Indeed, I can’t hold back to capitalize on coming ends of the week with Tripbibo!


Try not to forget about on your woolens believing it’s simply an end of the week trip. Climate can change whenever in the slopes.

Paragliding is an unquestionable requirement experience for everybody once and it is the most ideal way to conquer your feelings of dread.

Our excursion merited each penny we spent. Ensure you book your end of the week trips from Tripbibo for an incentive for cash encounters.

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