Saudi Arabia To Start Accepting Tourist Visa From Females Above 25 Years Traveling Alone

Saudi Arabia To, 2018 has started gaining a couple of genuinely intriguing news for wayfarers and it’s Saudi Arabia standing apart as really newsworthy this time around. Saudi Arabia will as of now starting enduring explorer visas from females more than 25 years traveling alone. The Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage (SCTH), said something declaring that women north of 25 years of age will be surrendered a traveler visa hassle-free expecting they are intending to head out to the nation alone. This a very positive news that underlines the way that while going to Arabia ladies will not really need a relative with them, as it used to be till now. While the ladies under 25 should have the organization of a male relative/watchman while going to Saudi Arabia.

The Director-General of the commission’s permitting office Omar Al-Mubarak, said, “The vacationer visa will be a solitary passage visa substantial for a limit of 30 days. This visa is added to those presently accessible in the Kingdom. It is autonomous of work, visit, Hajj and Umrah visas.”

As the news surfaced it was additionally made public that specific guidelines have been settled for the vacationer visas and issuance would begin occurring right from the principal quarter of 2018.

“The pioneer rules for explorer visas have been done. The commission’s IT office is as of now assembling an electronic framework for the issuance of traveler visas, planning with agents of the National Information Center and the Foreign Service,” Al-Mubarak offered something in the Arab News.

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