3 Best Delhi To Nainital Trains For A Rail Journey In 2021

Delhi To Nainital Trains

1. Kathgodam Shatabdi Express (12040)

Kathgodam Shatabdi Express (12040)
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Delhi to Nainital – Kathgodam Shatabdi Express is the quickest train taking one from New Delhi to Kathgodam station. It begins from New Delhi station and reaches Kathgodam going through 6 stops that incorporate Ghaziabad, Moradabad, Rampur, Rudrapur City, Lal Kuan, and Haldwani. It covers an excursion of 281 km and the train begins from New Delhi at 06:20 am and finishes its excursion at Kothgodam at 11:40 am. The absolute time it takes to reach is 5 hr 20 minutes.

The most ideal approach to Nainital from Delhi is by taking this train to Kathgodam and afterward taking a taxi from Kathgodam to Nainital. KGM NDLS Shatabdi is viewed as the slowest Shatabdi train with a normal speed of 49 km/hr. it figures out how to be the quickest train on this course was begun on March 19, 2012.

2. UTR SAMPRK K EX (15035)

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UTR SAMPRK K EX begins from Delhi and closures its excursion at Kathgodam. It covers a separation of 278 km at a normal speed of 42 km/hr. The train runs day by day and takes 6 hours and 45 minutes to arrive at its goal. It stops at 10 stations among Delhi and Kothgodam. In any case, that is not the last station on the train. It parts subsequent to coming to Kothgodam to proceed with its excursion till Ramnagar.

3. Ranikhet EXP (15013)

Ranikhet EXP (15013)
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Delhi To Nainital – Ranikhet Express is a Ramnagar bound train beginning from Jaisalmer. This train voyages a separation of 1217 km with 41 stops in the middle. The train begins from Jaisalmer at 1 PM. It arrives in Delhi at 9:10 pm around evening time. In the wake of halting for 80 long minutes, it proceeds with its excursion till Kathgodam halting at 10 stations in the middle. It is the slowest train making a trip to Kathgodam from Delhi. This train is known for its fantastic reliability and tidiness.

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