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Planning an exotic beach holiday for your next vacation? Gallivant away with this bestselling 3-nights and 4-days Sri Lanka tour package and make sweet memories at this beautiful island nation. With your Sri Lanka itinerary 4 days, you will be exploring the beautiful expanses of the best places of this country. Whether you visit this country with your friends, family, or soulmate, a trip to treasure is assured. For, with the blend of spiritualism, adventure, and culture, this exotic location has everything for everyone. 3 night 4 day Sri Lanka packages offer a range of exciting and laid-back experiences to cherish for a long time.

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Kandy (1D) NuwaraEliya (1D) Bentota (1D) Colombo (1D)

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Sri Lanka Travel Guide:
The Director General of Health Services has announced that fully vaccinated passengers will be fully vaccinated from midnight on September 28. A few hours before departure, upon arrival in Sri Lanka, entry will be allowed without any PCR test. People who have not been vaccinated or need a 14-day hotel quarantine with a single dose must comply with existing restrictions. Tourists from India who have not been vaccinated or who have not been fully vaccinated are not allowed to reach Sri Lanka by tourist route.
Looking for Sri Lanka Packages?
The pearl-molded island is a heaven for any vacationer and making it your special night location is an extraordinary thought for you. The combination of Buddhist culture and the island's exotic beaches makes it a perfect destination for anyone.
Tripbibo offers you a range of Sri Lanka holiday packages tailored to your every need. These packages allow you to visit almost all the top destinations in Sri Lanka. There is also the option to design the tour package to your liking. When planning a trip to the island country, you can get to where you want to go. These Sri Lanka tour packages can help you wherever you go on all the popular sites of the country.
About Sri Lanka Holiday:
Sri Lanka is home to the world's oldest human tree. If the island nation does not reflect the charm of the old world, then it must have eternal ruins and legendary temples. In southeastern India, Sri Lanka is home to UNESCO World Heritage Sites and has its own ancient architectural culture. Rich in many tourist attractions and natural beauty, Sri Lanka is a place with endless beaches, beautiful historical ruins, and natural beauty. An island of tears on a map surrounded by the sea, the country is not only home to 8 UNESCO-listed places, but also a fascinating blend of historical, spiritual, and natural elements. There are many things you can do on Sri Lanka trip packages.
Travelers can enjoy sightseeing, wildlife safaris, adventure sports, and beach life on the Sri Lankan itinerary. The island is home to about 435 species of migratory and native birds. You can take a look at the beautiful flora and fauna of the island which makes it a wonderful paradise for everyone. Visitors to Sri Lanka can enjoy a state-of-the-art shopping experience at Colombo Malls or explore local markets for everything from handloom items, crafts, jewelry to gifts. At the same time, they take care of your comfort and convenience when you visit Sri Lanka. Whether you are planning a honeymoon in Sri Lanka or a family vacation in Sri Lanka, you will find many valuable Sri Lanka holiday packages on Tripbibo.
Places to visit in Sri Lanka:
The Sri Lankan island destination has a lot to offer tourists on the Sri Lanka tour packages. From fun, adventure, and fun to relaxation, you will never get bored on a trip to Sri Lanka. Here are some popular Sri Lankan tourist destinations for your holiday in Sri Lanka. This is one of the most important things you should consider before planning a trip to Sri Lanka. When planning your trip you should know the best places to visit in Sri Lanka and you can find information about it on the internet.
There are many beautiful places in Sri Lanka where you can have a good time with your family and friends. Here are some places to look for when selecting Sri Lanka packages.
1. Colombo
The capital, Colombo, has a small portion of everything for all types of tourists. It is one of the most visited cities in Sri Lanka and is associated with tourists from all over the world. The city's architecture is similar to the Dutch heritage, indicating that it was once a Dutch colony. The city is full of tall buildings and shopping malls where you can buy some great things for yourself. One place where you can learn about the history of Sri Lanka is the Colombo National Museum, where a variety of antiques are available for visitors. For those who want to explore other non-historical objects, one can also visit the Premadasa Stadium, the giant Buddha statue, and Valondal Church. Some of Colombo's other famous attractions include the Premadasa Stadium, the giant Buddha statue, and the Volondel Church. You can see the cheapest Sri Lanka trip packages to visit the city of Colombo, without spending any money.
2. Sigiriya
Although not as popular as Colombo, Sigiriya is one of the most popular destinations that are part of Sri Lanka tour packages and gives you the opportunity to discover the spirit of the country. It is located near the ancient rock fort Dambulla and is known as one of the most 'dramatic' places in Sri Lanka, mostly because of the ruins of its palace. This site contains the ruins and remains of a 5th-century city and gives you a glimpse of the culture there. Sigiriya is famous for the ruins of its palace, perched on a 200-meter-high cliff, surrounded by remnants of a vast network of gardens, ponds, and other structures. In-depth observers will also enjoy views of the frescoes on the castle walls.
3. Kandy
If you want to explore the beauty and biodiversity of Sri Lanka then a visit to Kandy should be included in your travel plans. You will have the opportunity to visit tea gardens and plateaus throughout the city which will enchant and enchant you. Another place in Kandy that catches the eye of visitors is the Royal Botanic Gardens. Any Sri Lanka holiday packages are incomplete without visiting its beautiful sanctuary of biodiversity, otherwise known as Kandy. It is known for its orchid gardens and is a must-see for any of you. You can also visit the Ceylon Tea Museum in your Sri Lanka trip packages where you can find a variety of tea gardens that will help you increase your knowledge. The candy salon also has a tea museum, which has its own tea tasting festival.
4. Galle
The coastal city of Sri Lanka is another popular tourist destination and is also famous for its Galle Fort. Many tourists visiting Sri Lanka often agree that the beaches of Galle are not only comfortable but also very exotic. Cheeks are also a great place to visit when one is looking for Dutch remains in Sri Lanka. In fact, the Galle Museum is a great place to visit when visiting the city. It is home to some of the most important specimens that speak beyond the words of Sri Lankan history. When you make Galle a part of your tour, it makes your tour packages one of the best Sri Lanka packages.
5. Dambulla
The city of Dambulla is the topographical focus of pearl-formed Islands in Sri Lanka. The Sri Lankan city of Dambulla is just 5 hours away from Colombo. It is the focal point of vegetable conveyance in the country. Dambulla is famous for its rock temple, a popular tourist destination in Sri Lanka tour package. While many may say that Dambulla has become a commercial hub, it is still a very important tourist destination that we would not want any tourist to miss! Of all the places to see in Dambulla, the amazing Dambulla Cave Temple Complex should be at the top of your list. It is the largest and most beautiful place in the country, with its magnificent statues and paintings scattered everywhere.
Things to do in Sri Lanka:
Tourism in Sri Lanka includes experiences and activities. From fun, adventure, and entertainment to relaxation, you will never get bored on a trip to Sri Lanka. In addition to regular trips to Sri Lanka, tourists can shop at malls or local markets. Adventure lovers can go hiking. Whether you are a culture buff or a beach lover, Sri Lanka has a lot of fun activities. Sri Lanka trip packages include many of these activities to keep you entertained throughout the trip. Below are some suggested adventures.
1. Trekking the Sigiriya Rock
Sigiriya's natural geography, surrounded by remnants of a vast network of gardens and aquifers, a 200-meter-high cliff attracts a large number of tourists. You can travel all the way to the top of the mountain and see the beautiful scenery of the area. It is one of the most popular destinations in Sri Lanka and attracts tourists all year round. It's a long, arduous climb, but the sense of accomplishment after completing the climb is unparalleled. For those who like adventure, this is one of the best things to do in Sri Lanka tour packages.
2. Laze at Bentota Beach
The magnificent Golden Beach is located 65 kilometers from Colombo and is a great place for leisure travelers to relax, to have a good time together for family groups and for couples, just to have a good time for travelers. A perfect place amidst the beautiful sea views, anyone can enjoy the beautiful views of the Bentota Lagoon. Bentota is a great destination for travelers looking for a place to relax with a bit of adventure. If you want to enjoy thrilling water sports like snorkeling, scuba diving, windsurfing, parasailing, and fishing, a visit to Bentota in your Sri Lanka holiday packages is perfect for you.
3. Safari in Yala National Park
Yala National Park is the second-biggest public park in Sri Lanka and merits a visit. You can visit Yala National Park in your Sri Lanka trip packages, the second-largest national park in Sri Lanka for a thrilling experience. With a wide variety of plants, this park allows you to find 44 species of mammals and 215 species of birds. Rich in wildlife, the park is home to a wide variety of animals, including leopards, elephants, lazy bears, jackals, spotted deer, peacocks, and crocodiles. A visit to the park in the morning or evening is recommended for a unique experience.
4. Dive off Hikkaduwa Beach
This beach is one of the best-surfing destinations in the island nation. Hikkaduwa is one of the most popular and well-visited tourist attractions, known for its variety of activities and places. For example, anyone can go scuba diving to enjoy the interesting multi-colored corals. It's also a good idea to see different types of fish running under your feet. For couples and groups of friends wishing for a memorable trip, Hikkaduwa is one of the best places to visit in your Sri Lanka tour packages.
5. Watch Dolphins at Mirissa Beach
Located on the south coast of Sri Lanka, Marissa, especially Dondra Point, is an ideal place to see many types of whales, such as the Blue Whale, the Bryde’s Whale, the Fin Whale, and the Sperm Whale. In addition to whales, you can also see dolphins from this location. The cool waters and the surrounding tall trees make the perfect environment for a pleasant night out with friends and family or a pleasant, romantic evening with your loved one. An added benefit of visiting Mirissa Beach is the sightings of whales and dolphins, which you can customize to suit your needs.
What to eat in Sri Lanka:
1. Rice and Curry
The main food of Sri Lanka is a delicious bowl of rice and curry. What sets their curls apart is the host of spices they use, such as cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg, black pepper, saffron, chili, mustard, coriander, and curry leaves. So, when in Sri Lanka, curry and rice are a combination you should really try! You must try this country in your Sri Lanka tour package.
2. Sri Lankan pancakes
Sri Lankans make their conventional hotcakes with aged rice flour, coconut water, and milk. These bowl-shaped crispy-edged pancakes are called hoppers and are fried in a small pan. The trick with this version is when the egg is cracked on the pancake. The most unique thing about this Sri Lankan recipe is that the chef breaks the egg on top of the pancake.
3. Dutch Burgher Lamprais
This dish is actually a combination of Dutch, meat, rice, and hyacinth chili sauce. The blend is enveloped by banana leaves and afterward steamed. Rice is mixed with meat curry, meatballs, pasta, or vegetables with cardamom, cinnamon, and clove essence. Most Sri Lankans eat it as their daily breakfast. This Dutch-style meal is a great snack while enjoying your Sri Lanka packages.
4. Sour fish curry
When visiting Sri Lanka, you should attempt the Fish Ambul Thiyal. Fish meat is cut into cubes and fried with spices and dried goraka, this fruit is responsible for the sour taste. Fish curry is a dry dish in which all the ingredients are cooked in water till the liquid is significantly reduced. It coats each cube of fish with the finest mixture of spices. What sets this dish apart is that each fish cube has its own unique aroma and flavor. You must try this country in your Sri Lanka tour package.
5. Coconut dip
A typical Sri Lankan coconut dip is made by mixing coconut hyacinth with finely chopped coconut, dried pepper, red onion, lime juice, and salt. Its character lies in its ability. The dish is compatible with any food, be it bread, bread, hopper, or just eat it.
Best time to visit Sri Lanka:
Sri Lanka is open to tourists for most of the year. In any case, the best ideal opportunity to visit the island country truly relies upon what sort of exercises you need to be essential for the Sri Lanka tour package. Summer and spring seasons are considered mild here. Winters have warm sunshine with cold mornings. The weather in Sri Lanka is considered pleasant all year round and ideal for outdoor activities such as sightseeing and leisure.
To get the most out of this beautiful tourist destination, one should plan their vacation between January and April or between July and mid-September. The winter months of January and February are best suited for those who enjoy surfing on the southeast and west coasts. The pleasant summer months until September are more suitable for exploring the east coast and ancient cities. The weather is cool and friendly during this period and so you can choose the best tour packages for Sri Lanka during this period.
How to reach Sri Lanka:
When you want to go from India to Sri Lanka, here are the two best options. Bandaranaike International Airport, about 30 km from the capital Colombo, connects the country with major Indian cities such as Chennai, Tiruchirapalli, Bengaluru, Thiruvananthapuram, Kochi, Delhi, and Mumbai.
By Air:
The easiest and most convenient way to reach Sri Lanka from India is by air. There are direct flights from major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, and Bangalore. You can reach Colombo from Chennai within two hours which makes it a great option for travelers.
By Sea:
This is another option when you want to travel from India to Sri Lanka. It's more exciting and relaxing than airlifting. However, it also takes longer to reach by water. Cheap ferry services are available from Chennai to Colombo. Although it takes a long time to travel through waterways, it has the potential to be a once-in-a-lifetime journey full of excitement and value. This is a very interesting journey and you should only go by water if you have enough time.
Q.Which is the best and ideal opportunity to visit Sri Lanka?
Ans:If you are planning to book one of the Sri Lanka packages, you should first consider the best time to visit the island nation. Sri Lanka is characterized by tropical forests, sparkling beaches, water, rich history, a vibrant culture, spirituality, and biodiversity, and it tops the list of vacationers due to its diverse topography. The southwest monsoon brings rain to southwestern Sri Lanka between May and November and keeps it dry between December and April.
The northeast monsoon, on the other hand, brings rains to the eastern and northern coastal areas between October and January, which remain dry between May and September. By and large, the best ideal opportunity to visit the social triangle along the west and south drifts are during December and April, while the east coast has the best environment from May to October. This is an extraordinary opportunity to investigate the mountains. However, the shoulder season lasts between September and November. But you need to avoid a Sri Lanka tour package between May and August as it is impossible to travel here due to heat and humidity.
Q.What is the nearby language of Sri Lanka?
Ans:Prior to shortlisting any of the Sri Lanka holiday packages, you really want to know the neighborhood language and regardless of whether it will be simple for you to traverse the country. Sinhala is comprehensively spoken in the southern, western, and central bits of the island, while Tamil is spoken exclusively in the northern and eastern bits of the island. English serves as a language and most cabins, hotels, and resorts speak and understand English. So you can speak English in most parts of the country, especially tourist destinations like Bentota, Colombo, Negombo, Kandy, etc. But if you are traveling in the countryside, that cannot happen, because people will only speak in their local language. But overall, you can only travel to Sri Lanka in English.
Q.How to get a travel visa to Sri Lanka?
Ans:It is very easy for an Indian to get a tourist visa to Sri Lanka. An Indian passport holder is required to apply for Electronic Travel Authority or ETA and you are allowed to stay again for 30 days. The ETA is initially limited to a period of 30 days from the date of arrival with a double entry facility, extending from 30 days to more than two months will be given to the Department of Immigration and Immigration, Colombo. However, further, the expansion will be considered only for valid reasons. All you need to do is submit a scanned copy of your passport and email address. ETA is usually processed within 5 working days and processing charges are 40USD including the service fee.
Traveler Reviews for Sri Lanka
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Trip to Sri Lanka

The trip was very good, driver cum guide was very good and cooperative. Only the Town view hotel in which we stayed in Paro was not up to the mark as the management needs to improvise ceratin things other than that it was memorable trip for us.

Amita Jain
Trip to Sri Lanka

The trip was very good, driver cum guide was very good and cooperative. Only the Town view hotel in which we stayed in Paro was not up to the mark as the management needs to improvise ceratin things other than that it was memorable trip for us.

Amita Jain
Trip to Sri Lanka

The trip was very good, driver cum guide was very good and cooperative. Only the Town view hotel in which we stayed in Paro was not up to the mark as the management needs to improvise ceratin things other than that it was memorable trip for us.

Amita Jain
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