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Goa Travel Guidelines:
All travelers must bring their negative RTPCR report. Hotels are open and airport/railway station transfers are open on both sides. Restaurants and bars are open from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.
Goa Tourism:
Finding a Goa package is definitely not difficult and this is probably your best bet if you want to get tested. Goa is a heaven for sea shore darlings in India. Loved by Indians and foreign tourists alike, the place is famous for its vast sandy beaches. Aside from the beaches, Goa also offers a lot of fun to keep you busy day and night. In general, Goa tour packages offer more tourist attractions but you can always customize your trip to include unknown gems of the land. In addition, you will enjoy a weekend trip from Goa. The hustle and bustle you will experience in Goa at night will exceed your expectations.
If you are not interested in Goa nightlife, check out Goa for its water sports. Goa's famous beaches such as Baga and Calangute both offer water sports for amateurs and professionals. Tourists can enjoy a variety of recreational activities such as jet-skiing, parasailing, banana boat rides, water scooter rides, etc. When you are in Goa, the best experiences to live here are apart from the beach. In addition, you can choose your options for Goa Trip Packages on so that you can arrange a hassle-free vacation here.
Other places to see in Goa:
A trip to Goa is more than just sunshine, or a sandy beach stretched along a beautiful beach. This place has a lot to make your Goa honeymoon trip or your family's Goa holidays memorable. Here are some important Goa tourist attractions that should be included in a Goa city tour or excursion.
1. Grand Island
A visit to Grand Island can be booked with Goa packages. Grand Island is one of the most famous islands in South Goa.
The island is one of the best underwater experiences in the Grand Island with a variety of clean waters and beautiful marine life. From diving to snorkeling to fishing, the island has water activities for everyone.
Take a boat ride on the magnificent Grand Island to see the charming dolphins in the middle of the Arabian Sea. Discover exotic underwater life with snorkeling or scuba diving. Debris can also be found with some rocks. This is a very popular addition to Tripbibo's Goa holiday packages.
2. Dudhsagar Waterfalls
Located in South Goa, Dudhsagar Falls is a miracle of nature. Quiet and amazing, it is one of the most beautiful places in Goa. Notwithstanding, the greater part of them is just discussion concerning how lovely the cascade is. Although the waterfall is truly amazing in itself, mainly due to the beautiful scenery and abundance of nature around it, not everything is difficult here, especially for those traveling with children and elderly parents. A pure white glimpse of the waterfall descends into the emerald lake and provides amazing photo opportunities. The waterfall is also known for its abundance of birds and animals. Tourists can see Durdashgar Falls from afar.
3. Fort Aguada
Discover the Aguada Fort in North Goa packages which have played an important role in shaping the history of Goa in the past. Yes! Aguada Fort is a fort that has given Goa popularity like never before. You can explore the castle without paying a penny, but you need a ticket to see the lighthouse. This fort offers a beautiful view of the Arabian Sea.
The fort, painted in a thick battle, has a 13-meter high lighthouse and a pit built-in 1864. Adjacent to the fort is the deserted Sandy Chapura Beach. There is a new lighthouse on the rock. The Taj Fort is located along the walls of the Aguada Resort and Spa Castle, adding a luxurious stay to a significant level.
4. Chapora Fort
Chapora Fort is located in North Goa and is a great place for recreation. Situated on a hill, the fort overlooks the Chapora River and offers a magnificent view of the surroundings. Chapora Fort, situated on a hilltop with slopes around North Goa, was built by the Portuguese in 1617.
Known for its spectacular views and sunset views, it is a popular destination for tourists in your Goa Tour Package, especially in the evenings. Although small remnants of barracks and other buildings that once stood inside the forts still attract historical fans who know about the great battles that were once fought here. This is a very popular addition to Tripbibo's Goa Trip Packages.
5. Basilica of Bom Jesus
The Basilica of Bom Jesus, a famous church in North Goa and one of Goa's main tourist attractions, including a visit to the old city of Goa, offers baroque style architecture with beautiful mosaic Corinthian-style interiors. Counted among the famous churches of Goa, especially in the Roman Catholic world, the tomb of St. Francis Xavier and the mortal remains in the Basilica of Bom Jesus.
It is the main church in Old Goa that has not been put down. Although the facade is plastered, Baroque is a masterpiece of architecture that combines elements of Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian design, the interior of the church is a study of contradictions.
Top things to do in Goa besides going to the beaches of Goa:
Goa is truly a beautiful place, full of wonders and interesting discoveries. Most people plan to travel around the beaches of North Goa and South Goa in Goa packages, however, there is more to Goa than just visiting the beaches of Goa.
1. Hot Air Ballooning
Goa is home to not only water adventures but also wind activities. If you want to enjoy the beauty of sun, sand, and greenery, then blowing a hot air balloon in Goa is a great thing. Enjoy a leisurely ride with your family and friends as you fly over the beautiful scenery of Goa. This unique Goa tour is a highly recommended addition, especially for the Goa holiday packages.
2. Sailing/Yacht ride
Yacht rides are a great way to enjoy the true beauty of the Arabian Sea in Goa. Travel in the deep blue waters and have a wonderful experience with your family and friends. With its wild nightlife, easily accessible beaches, and lots of adventure sports, this is a place everyone wants to travel. A relaxing ride with a cool sea breeze will refresh your senses and leave you with an unforgettable memory of Goa trip packages.
3. Dolphin Spotting
Dolphin spotting is one of the major activities that tourists book Goa tour packages. It is a wonderful sight to see dolphins sinking beautifully in their natural habitat and swimming. Anyone can board a boat and see a dolphin floating in the boat. Dolphin watching is one of the most recreational water activities in Goa. Take a chance once in a lifetime to get a real sense of seeing these dolphins dancing with the waves.
4. Go on a crocodile tour
The Goa Tours Planner is famous for its exclusive sightings of crocodiles and birds in the backwaters of Goa. The trip is especially popular with foreign tourists and nature lovers across the country. This tour will give you a chance to see wild crocodiles in their natural habitat. Swampy but, a unique species of crocodile can be seen resting by the river. If you are traveling with children then this is a great thing to do in the Goa tour package.
5. Clubbing
Goa is known for its sun, sea, and sand, but especially for its lively club scene and beach parties that go on all night. Some of the most popular places to party in Goa are Karma in Nerul and Club Cuba in Arpora. Enjoy a night full of trance music, neon lights, delicious food, amazing drinks, and dance to your favorite international tracks until sunrise.
What to eat in Goa:
Goan food is an art in itself. Whether it's Portuguese-style seafood or a modified version of the popular snack foods, this is the discovery table. Here are some tips on popular Goa dishes that you can try on goa trip packages.
1. The Xacuti curry
This popular Goan dish is a rich, spicy coconut curry made primarily with red pepper, nutmeg, and star anise. It is usually made with chicken but can also be made with pork or shrimp. Portuguese influence has sealed Goan cuisine, and local traditions and flavors have created excellent fusion dishes. You will love the fish calendula and fish in cabbage, which has a rich and tasty gravy. It is popular Goa dishes that you can try on Goa Holiday Packages.
2. Goan desserts
Here is a series of Goan sweets that are all based on coconut but differ in their preparation, ingredients, and taste. It is heavily influenced by Saraswati, Konkani, Portuguese, South Indian, and British cuisine. Not only local food and beverages but Goan sweets are also known for their uniqueness and taste. Bebinca is a Goan bakery dish baked in a traditional stone oven. It is as authentic as Guan food can be found!
3. Fried fish
Goa is famous for its beaches and abundant seafood, so it is no surprise that cows love to fish. Fried fish is usually coated with Rava or semolina and shallow fried for people of all ages. The result is a mouth-watering, crunchy delight that will leave you with wonderful memories of a Goan meal you enjoyed on Goa Tour Package.
4. Goan street food
Goa prides itself on a variety of bakeries and fried foods sprinkled on roadside stalls, all of which are exceptionally good in taste. In Goa, you will find the best sweets at Simonia stores.
Although Mapusa is the most popular, Goa has shops all over the state.
5. Caldinho curry
This sweet, mellow curry is another coconut-based guan curry and can be made with chicken, prawns, or vegetables. It is suitable for people who want to try Goan food but are not comfortable with high-quality spices. Eat it with rice or bread. It is popular Goa dishes that you can try on Goa trip packages.
Where to Stay in Goa ?
There are many accommodation options available in Goa and perhaps your Goa tour package will include Goa hotels with good family accommodations. The city offers all kinds of hotels like star-rated hotels, budget hotels, heritage hotels, etc. There are many options available to stay in Goa.
  • Goa Hotel & Beach Map.
  • Alila Diwa Goa.
  • Radisson Blu Resort.
  • Diwa Club.
  • Taj Fort Aguada.
  • Country Inn & Suites.
  • The Crown Goa.
  • Hard Rock Hotel Goa.
  • Holiday Inn Resort.
  • Novotel Goa Candolim.
Best time to visit Goa:
Goa has a hot and humid climate all year round, such as the tropics. May is the hottest month of the year in Goa, with temperatures above 35 degrees Celsius and high humidity. The best and ideal opportunity to visit Goa is from November to February. During this period, the weather in Goa is expected to be cool and the beaches are full of tourists to enjoy the grand celebrations of Christmas and New Year. Tourist arrivals increase during the peak months of December, leading to higher prices for accommodation and beach activities.
If you are looking for some quiet time with your family or your partner, choose the months of March and April which are neither the best season for tourism in Goa nor affected by the hot weather of Goa. If you want to stay away from the crowds and enjoy a wonderful romantic stay at a Goa resort, then Monsoon is the perfect time to choose Goa holiday packages. So, pack your bags and find the best Goa tour package that suits your vacation time and budget.
How to reach Goa:
By Air:
Depending on where you have booked your Goa packages, you can travel to Goa by air, rail, or road. Goa International Airport connects Goa with cities across India as well as various international destinations like Doha, Dubai, etc. The airport is about 30 km from Panjim and is accessible by taxis and buses run by the Kadamba Transport Corporation, which provides services to Calangute, Panjim, and Margao.
By Train:
Trains can also be taken from Mumbai and other major cities in India to Goa. The Konkan Railway likewise covers stations in Goa. The principal rail route stations in Goa are Vasco da Gama and Madgaon. If you are traveling from Maharashtra, there are more than 45 trains en route from Mumbai to Goa. Apart from the rail, Goa is also accessible by bus from many cities. Goa can be reached by bus from Mumbai, Bangalore, Mangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, etc.
By Road:
Buses to Goa are available from nearby major cities Mumbai, Bangalore, Mangalore, and Hyderabad. If you are planning a trip to Goa, be careful as from time to time Tripbibo offers seasonal discounts on Goa packages.
Q.Where is wilderness boating accessible in Goa?
Ans:See the charming monsoon of Goa! June to October in Goa is the perfect time to soak in the fresh rains and ride the charming moody Mhadei River waves! From mid-June to mid-September, continue your adventure by white water rafting on the Mandovi River. A unique experience of white water rafting - Goa Rafting brings you the Mandovi Rafting Trip. All this, amidst the magnificent jungle scenery with the Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary.
Q.How far is the Goa Airport from Panjim?
Ans:Goa Airport is 30 km from the capital Panjim. It is located in the village of Dabolim in the Mormugao district of South Goa. With a population of 114,759 in the metropolitan area, Panjim is the largest urban collection in Goa, ahead of Margao and Vasco da Gama. Taxis are available at the airport or you can book a taxi online at GoaMiles which is managed by Goa Tourism.
Q.Is south Goa better than north Goa?
Ans:The two regions of one of the most popular holiday destinations in the country cannot be compared. The difference between the two should be based on the type of vacation you are planning. While North Goa has cafes, restaurants, water sports, and vibrant nightlife, the southern part offers quiet and secluded beaches. If you like to be in large crowds and pleasant surroundings at all times then North Goa is good for you. On the other hand, if you prefer some leisure time or a quiet walk on the beach or on the streets, South Goa is a great place in your Goa tour packages. First-time visitors should visit North Goa as it caters to the needs of ordinary tourists.
Q.When is the ideal time to see Dudhsagar Falls?
Ans:One of the best waterfalls in India, the Dudhsagar flows into the Mandovi River at an altitude of 1,017 feet. November to December is also the best time to see the Dudhsagar, when the waterfall comes to life, falls with full force, and makes a spectacle like milk foam. The closest railroad station to arrive at Dudhsagar Falls is Castle Rock Station.
Q.Is there an Uber in Goa?
Ans:Ola and Uber are not fully heard in Goa. But that doesn't mean you can't get an easy ride with your phone. There are some advanced apps that are the best alternative to Uber. One of them is the Goa Miles App. The state offers other travel options. Rent a taxi from the airport to get to your hotel, contact motorcycle rental services to explore the city for yourself, or choose a hop-on hop-off bus to cover the signs.
Q.How can I rent a bike in Goa?
Ans:Motorcycle rental is very popular among Goa tourists due to which there are many options. Choose a gear or non-gear motorcycle that costs between Rs. 200 and Rs. 1000 per day. If you are traveling alone, get on a pilot motorcycle that can accommodate one passenger. You can also book a motorcycle or scooter at various rental websites. Prices vary with season and demand, so book in advance if you are traveling in season. With a wide range of bikes available for all needs, Tripbibo's Goa holiday packages are committed to maximum customer satisfaction.
Q.What is the cost of flyboarding in Goa?
Ans:Sensational water sports have made it to the top of the list of things to do in the Goa tour package and rightly so. The heart-pumping experience lasts for about 20 minutes and costs about Rs 2,800 per person. Plan your flyboarding trip to Goa between October and May. So, enjoy it, and enjoy your life with the city.
Q.How far is Calangute from Fort Aguada?
Ans:Aguada Fort is 7 km from Calangute and can be reached in around 18 minutes by means of Aguada-Siolim Road. The expected driving distance between Fort Aguada and Calangute Beach is 4 km or 2.5 miles or 2.2 nautical miles. Travel time refers to the time if the distance is determined by car. Take a taxi or bus to get to the 17th-century Portuguese castle.
Q.How long is the Anjuna flea market open?
Ans:Founded by hippies settled in North Goa, Anjuna is still one of Goa's popular flea markets. The best time to visit Anjuna Flea Market is every Wednesday at 7 am or 4 pm. The flea market comes to life, especially in the evening, and the whole market resounds with hippie crowds. Therefore, it is recommended to visit the flea market during this time. The market is open during the peak season from November to March.
Q.Suggest some good family hotels in South Goa?
Ans:Although North Goa is perfect for a family vacation with restaurants and beach activities in the vicinity if you are planning a South Goa Tour Package then a few suggestions are Beleza by the Beach, The LaLit Golf & Spa Resort, Soul Vacation Resort & Spa, Caravela Resort, Palette Biera Mar Beach Resort, Sterling Goa- Varca, Royal Orchid Beach Resort & Spa, Goa, ITC Grand Goa - A Luxury Collection Resort & Spa, Sterling Goa- Varca, Om Sai Beach Huts, Arco Iris Boutique Homestay, and Regenta Resort Varca Beach.
Traveler Reviews for Goa
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Trip to Goa

The trip was very good, driver cum guide was very good and cooperative. Only the Town view hotel in which we stayed in Paro was not up to the mark as the management needs to improvise ceratin things other than that it was memorable trip for us.

Amita Jain
Trip to Goa

The trip was very good, driver cum guide was very good and cooperative. Only the Town view hotel in which we stayed in Paro was not up to the mark as the management needs to improvise ceratin things other than that it was memorable trip for us.

Amita Jain
Trip to Goa

The trip was very good, driver cum guide was very good and cooperative. Only the Town view hotel in which we stayed in Paro was not up to the mark as the management needs to improvise ceratin things other than that it was memorable trip for us.

Amita Jain
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