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The Beautiful Gangtok Tour Package 4 Days & 3 Nights Customizable
The Beautiful Gangtok Tour Package

Situated in the North-East region of the country, Gangtok is the capital city of Sikkim. Rich in natural beauty, flora and fauna, Gangtok has everything which would make for a peaceful vacation. The 3 nights 4 days package in Gangtok brings you the opportunity to explore this beautiful city in the lap of the mountains and enjoy the beauty. Gangtok is famous for many reasons. The scenic views and the beauty being the major reason, the cuisine in here is yet another reason why Gangtok is one of the most famous places in India

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Sikkim Travel Guidelines:
There are a few things you should know before heading to this city.
One of the most beautiful corners of India in the Northeast, especially for nature and adventure lovers. Full of dense forests, pleasant climate, and amazing places, one can easily get lost in the tranquil beauty of Northeast India. The Northeast is suitable for almost all types of travelers whether you are a backpacker alone or traveling with a boy family or group, as it has some beautiful mountain stations, lush greenery, and exotic and rare flowers and animals. Species have a huge role to play in making this incredible India even more incredible.
A destination in the northeast, from where you can get a magnificent view of Mount Kanchenjunga, yes we are talking about the gateway to Sikkim, Gangtok. Gangtok, the capital of Sikkim state, is one of the most famous hill stations in the northeastern part of India. Offering a blend of Buddhist culture and beautiful natural beauty, Gangtok is the perfect choice for almost any type of traveler. Ancient landscapes and pleasant Gangtok weather attract visitors to this Sikkim tourist destination almost all year round. As the clouds float with you, you feel as if you are in heaven at this magnificent mountain station.
With the right amount of everything, Gangtok can easily be listed as one of the quietest hill stations in India. We also have a lot to say about this beautiful place and Gangtok tourism. If you want to travel to Gangtok, Tripbibo makes things easier by including Gangtok-related tourist destinations, hotels, and all related items in the Gangtok packages. Whether you're planning to book a Gangtok tour package with your family or friends, or a shortlist for Gangtok Darjeeling Honeymoon, you'll find many options on the Tripbibo.
So, without wasting any more time, let's get involved.
If you are planning a leisurely trip to the attractive capital of Sikkim, Tripbibo has a wide range of Gangtok tour packages for you. Booking these Gangtok trip packages with Tripbibo gives you a well-prepared itinerary, excellent accommodation option, comfortable car, delicious food, local guide/driver, planned tours, and various outdoor activities.
With the rise of tourism in the region, laws were enacted to limit the prices of taxis and other items to prevent tourists from being fooled. The forest cover around the city of Gangtok consists of temperate, evergreen, conical, and dense forests with tree species such as elm, oak, birch, and wet alpine. Another forest that you can see in this region is the Orchid Forest which is rare in the rest of India. It doesn't matter if you are planning a Gangtok tour with your family, children, friends, or partner, you can have the best vacation with Tripbibo for all your moods.
On these breathtaking hill station tours with these amazing Gangtok holiday packages, you can discover the famous attractions of this amazing and modern destination. The itinerary of these packages will allow you to get the most out of your trip, and give you the opportunity to cover as many of Gangtok attractions as you can within your schedule. So, one thing that is easily clear so far is that the Gangtok tour packages will quench the thirst of any nature lover.
Gangtok is full of places that offer amazing views that will amaze you. From waterfalls to vast forests, from solitary monasteries to rugged mountains, Gangtok offers a range of terrifying places for visitors. Tourists can enjoy river rafting in the wild rapids of the Teesta River, take a walk in front of the beautiful waterfalls, paraglide over the vast expanse of Gangtok and climb the cliffs along with other activities. You can book our best seller 15 days Gangtok tour package to see all the important places in Gangtok.
One of the most popular places to visit in Gangtok is Tsomgo Changu Lake, an icy lake located at an altitude of 12,310 feet, 40 km from Gangtok. The elliptical lake is highly revered by Buddhists as well as Hindus. The amazing lake is surrounded by snow-capped peaks and is fed by nearby melting ice. If you are lucky, you can visit this lake and catch a glimpse of the migrating Brahminy duck.
Located between Nathula and Jelep La Pass in Sikkim, the Baba Temple is a monument built to pay homage to Harbhajan Singh, an Indian soldier. Indian citizens must obtain a permit to enter the Baba Temple. Foreign nationals are not allowed inside.
The famous Nathula Pass is 56 km from Gangtok and usually requires a full day trip to fully experience the place. On the way to Nathula, visitors can also stop at the world's tallest ATM, Thegu. The beautiful pass can be driven or easily walked around. In addition to enjoying the pass, you can also visit the border trade market at Sherathang and enjoy the unique shopping experience.
Founded in 1958, the Namgyal Institute of Tibetology is the center of Tibetan culture and history. It promotes research on the history, language, art, and culture of the Tibetan people. This building is a perfect example of traditional planning. The Institute's museum presents a unique collection of sculptures, antiquities, paintings, and other artifacts.
On the outskirts of Gangtok, Tashi View Point offers the best view of the mountains. Tashi View Point is a popular place to visit in your Gangtok holiday packages. Along with spectacular views of the entire Himalayan mountain range, it is famous for sunrise and sunset, Tashi View Point is a place that will leave you with some great pictures and countless memories. This is a very beautiful place to hang out around Gangtok and is popular among photographers.
Situated on a hilltop 23 km from Gangtok, Rumtek Monastery is one of the largest madrassas in Sikkim. It is one of the most important places to visit in Sikkim and is highly recommended to come here as part of your Gangtok tour package. It is built in the classic Tibetan gompa style and is three stories high. There are interesting places in all of it that have the potential to give its viewers an in-depth knowledge of Buddhism along with the history of the sect.
The Do Drul Chorten of Gangtok is considered to be one of the most important Buddhist shrines in Sikkim. Located near the Institute of Tibetology, Chorten is considered to be one of the most important places to visit in Gangtok. If you are interested in understanding the cultural pulse of Gangtok, a visit to this thief, which is one of the important works of Sikkim, is a must.
If you want to enjoy nature tourism and memorable picnics in Gangtok, Ban Jhakri Falls is a great place to do so. The barren waterfall provides a relaxing environment for visitors called the Energy Park. Nature reigns here, and there is silence all around, just because the strong jolts of water are falling hard on the rocks. You can spend a pleasant morning or evening on a barren waterfall on your Gangtok trip.
The Bakthang Waterfall is one of the tourist destinations in the Gangtok packages. Coming from a high place in the mountains, flowing waterfalls on the green roof. Adventure seekers can also experience sliding rope here. From here, visitors can enjoy the magnificent views of Kanchenjunga Peak as well as the city of Gangtok.
Sacred to Buddhists and Hindus, Lake Khecheopalri is one of the holiest lakes in Sikkim. Visiting the lake involves a climb of about one kilometer. There are many myths surrounding this lake, and it is also believed that a visit to this lake can fulfill one's desires. A visit to this sacred lake is an important part of the Gangtok tour package. It is also very popular among trekkers and adventure travelers.
All of these places have unique features that set them apart and you should visit at least a few of them on Gangtok trip.
In addition to covering Gangtok tourist destinations, there are other interesting things to do in Gangtok for a memorable holiday. Here are some suggestions:
A unique thing to do in Gangtok is a yak ride on Lake Tsomgo. Visitors to these Gangtok tours have the opportunity to take a short trip on these large but decent animals, which is probably a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Kids find this activity especially interesting.
If you are traveling with your family, one of the most exciting things to do in Gangtok is a cable car ride on the Gangtok Ropeway. The ropeway ride offers breathtaking views of Gangtok city, the surrounding valley, and the state legislature building. Joining the Gangtok packages is a great addition.
For a memorable visit to Gangtok, you can try a unique way to discover different places in Gangtok. This 15-minute helicopter ride on Gangtok will give you and your colleagues a birds-eye view of the city and its surroundings. It's a great experience to be included in the Gangtok trip packages.
For those who want to add the spice of adventure to their Gangtok holiday packages, paragliding is a very interesting thing about Gangtok. Even the first-timer can easily go into this activity. Add paragliding sessions to make your Gangtok trip more fun.
For a unique, spiritual, and peaceful experience during your Gangtok tour, you can choose to attend evening prayers at a famous Gangtok madrassa. Humorous sounds and music will definitely affect your mind.
An essential aspect of Gangtok tourism revolves around local cuisine. In addition to visiting the various tourist attractions of Gangtok, visitors should also try to eat Gangtok, which includes local beers known as Momos, Thukpa, Sha Paley, Gyathuk, and the local beer known as Chang.
  • Baker's Cafe and Rolls House.
  • Taste of Tibet and Taste of Sikkim.
  • Mu Kimchi.
  • Dynasty Wine and Dine.
  • Chopsticks.
  • Shuffle Momos.
  • The Coffee Shop Restaurant.
  • The Attic Lounge.
  • Al Forno.
We know you're excited about your Gangtok holiday packages, but don't put everything in your luggage. Pack a little wisely, you will lose your total weight which will make it easier for you to travel. To keep things clean and simple, we're here to help you decide on your packing list for both major seasons. If you are thinking of traveling in winter, keep a sweater, thermal, warm top, and of course a jacket for the occasion.
Don't plan to rely on a single piece of the thick jacket. Instead, you'll be better off putting on your own clothes. If she is traveling in the summer, for that, yes, now you can just put it in a cool jacket and that will be enough. Wear a pair of jeans, shorts, and sunglasses.
The rest of the things that will be mentioned are irrespective of the season, so pack them even if you plan your Gangtok trip packages. These include toiletries such as soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste, paper soap, deo's, and a bag to carry wet clothes. Also keep a camera, its cables, and a portable battery pack. Lastly, in any case, make sure to pack first aid kits with special medications according to the group you are traveling with.
This time, think about the best time for a Gangtok trip and find out what the weather conditions are like during each month of the year and then you can decide when is the best time to pick up Gangtok tour packages. If you want to see the various tourist destinations of Gangtok in detail, the best time to visit Gangtok for this purpose would be the summer season from March to June which is a very comfortable and excellent environment with temperature values ​​between 20 degrees Celsius and 27 degrees Celsius. provides. During these months, the weather in Gangtok is pleasant and ideal for tourism.
On the other hand, the months of October to February offer cool temperatures. December is the best time to visit Gangtok from December if you want to enjoy the winter and a few people around. Spring is recorded between 15 degrees Celsius and 22 degrees Celsius in February and March. The Gangtok season is pleasant almost all year round, and tourists can choose when to go according to their favorite activities and weather. The monsoon months of July and August bring rain and can be avoided.
Gangtok is not directly connected by train or air but can be reached by air and road. The nearest airport to Gangtok is Bagdogra Airport after which you have to take the route to Gangtok. New Jalpaiguri Railway Station is the nearest railway station which is 3-4 hours away from Gangtok.
The nearest operational airport to Gangtok is Bagdogra. Direct flights to Bagdogra are available from Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, etc. Passengers can take a taxi from Bagdogra to Gangtok.
The nearest railway station for Gangtok tourism is New Jalpaiguri. Trains to New Jalpaiguri are available from many major cities in India. From New Jalpaiguri, passengers can reach Gangtok by taxi or bus from nearby Siliguri.
If you are planning a Darjeeling Gangtok tour package or Gangtok Road Trip, you can also choose to reach Gangtok by taxi or self-drive car from various other cities like Darjeeling, etc.
This section will be of interest to all of you and I am sure that because of the people who do not want to save some money. For some, this may be the best way to get the best Gangtok tour packages for Gangtok. So, here are some tips to get the cheapest package.
  • Be the first bird when booking flights and hotels as this is the most popular and proven trick that works almost all the time. You can save a lot of money if you book your flights about two to three months before the date of travel.
  • Check out the Gangtok holiday packages on various websites and use platforms that provide you with comparisons between all the options available for the tour package.
Gangtok is an example of a place that will amaze you with its serene beauty, rich flora and fauna, and spectacular views. It doesn't matter if your family, children, friends, or partner will gather some beautiful memories of your life in Gangtok that you can share with your friends.
Tell stories from your Gangtok tour diaries. You will cherish these memories for the rest of your life and every time you see them, a smile will appear on your face. Finally, I would like to say get the Gangtok trip packages and come here and experience the real beauty that we have been talking about throughout the article.
Sikkim Travel FAQs:
Ans:April to June are the best months to visit the capital of Sikkim, and you should keep this in mind when you book one of the Gangtok tour packages. It is a pleasant experience in the fall and spring and summer months, ideal for tourism. The period from late September to mid-December when the Himalayan scenery is sunny. Between March and May, the rhododendron flower is worth its weight in gold. The bright sunshine of the day is the perfect time to visit the monasteries, trek and walk, see the Temi tea gardens in South Sikkim and enjoy the clear view of Kanchenjunga from the perspective. During the monsoon months, from July to early September, it is best to avoid visiting Gangtok and the state of Sikkim as heavy rains cause landslides which cause a lot of inconveniences.
Ans:When booking your Gangtok packages, it is important to know which flights go directly to Gangtok. There is a SpiceJet flight which is the main non-stop departure from Delhi to Gangtok however isn't generally accessible. The nearest airport to Gangtok is Bagdogra International Airport, about 4,124 km from Gangtok. From Bagdogra, you can get a reasonable flight connection from Delhi. In fact, all major airlines such as SpiceJet, IndiGo, GoAir, Vistara, and AirAsia operate direct flights between Delhi and Bagdogra.
Ans:Tourists who want to book Gangtok trip packages will want to know which is the nearest train heading to Gangtok. Siliguri and New Jalpaiguri are the nearest stations to Gangtok. Siliguri is 145 km from Gangtok while New Jalpaiguri is about 188 km from Gangtok. New Jalpaiguri Railway Station is one of the major railway stations connecting the northeastern state of India with the rest of India. These railway stations are well connected to the country's major metros by express and other high-speed trains. From both railway stations, you can catch a bus or take a taxi directly to Gangtok.
Terms & Conditions:
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Best travel agency I've ever used! They planned everything perfectly and our trip went off without a hitch. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Mukesh Goel
Kolkata | 30 Nov, 2022

It was the thrilling and so beautiful place ...we enjoyed each and every moment ..every place was full of piece and greenery ..we found well cultured people and the place ...The very decent place and we loved Munnar a lot ,the tea garden was awesome it was the best view of Munnar then we enjoyed in tree house it was beautiful place the most beautiful place I found was house boat it was the best best best experience and memory of my life ..overall the best time I have spent.
Thanks to Mr. Rudra for arranging the wonderful trip

Sudarshan Sukhadeve
Nagpur | 10 Nov, 2021

Last week we went to Munnar and Alleppey. we booked in TripBibo as a Tour Package and the cost is ideal. Great and Prompt Service. Everything (Cab, Driver, inn, boat shelter and so on,) they are organized quickly yet they are not spoken with us. . Truly partook in the excursion. TripBibo is great for Tours.

Nisha Jaiswal
Kolkata | 13 Dec, 2022
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