20 Best Places To Visit In A Day Near Bangalore

In a bustling city like Bangalore, the chaotic work routines may bamboozle you however make life repetitive. A little break is in every case great to revive and what’s superior to a brisk end of the week escape. You can design countless outings around Bangalore and whereas Best Places To Visit In A Day Near Bangalore. From castles to fortifications, regular stone arrangements to slopes, lakes to cascades, there’s nearly everything around Bangalore, to fulfill the voyager in you. Bangaloreans are fortunate to have so many excursion choices. Here’s elite of probably the best places to find in a day around Bangalore:

20 Best Places To See In A Day Around Bangalore

Bangalore is an objective that is encircled by the absolute most brilliant spots. From building wonders to grand spots of love, there is something for everybody. Investigate! From royal residences to fortresses, normal stone developments to slopes, lakes to cascades, there’s nearly everything around Bangalore, to fulfill the explorer in you. Bangaloreans are fortunate to have so many outing choices. Here’s top-notch of probably the best places to find in a day around Bangalore:

•Chikballapura – 59 Km From Bangalore

•Shivagange–60 Km From Bangalore

•Savandurga – 60 Km From Bangalore

•Nandi Hills – 62 Km From Bangalore

•Anthargange – 70 Km From Bangalore

•Avani – 95 Km From Bangalore

•Channapatna – 67 Km From Bangalore

•Chunchi – 90 Km From Bangalore

•Bannerghata National Park – 36 Km From Bangalore

•Ramanagaram – 50 Km From Bangalore

•Bilikal Rangaswamy Betta – 70 Km From Bangalore

•Kotilingeshwara – 97 Km From Bangalore

•Kolar – 66 Km From Bangalore

•Makalidurga – 58 Km From Bangalore

•Skandagiri – 60 Km From Bangalore

•Ranganathaswamy Temple – 54 Km From Bangalore

•Nrityagram – 38 Km From Bangalore

•Ghati Subramanya Temple – 55 Km From Bangalore

•Kempegowda Fort – 59 Km From Bangalore

•Innovative Film City – 40 Km From Bangalore

Best Places To See In A Day Near Bangalore – Under 100 KM

For an assortment of magnificent encounters do design a visit to the capital city of Karnataka. Bangalore is otherwise called the Silicon Valley is a combination of assorted types, for example, experience, design, unwinding, and the occurrence nightlife of the city. In the event that you need to take a break from the hustle-clamor of life then these spots are a certain shot success for you. You will encounter conventions, authentic spots, societies, modernization, and great climate which will additionally carry enjoyment to your excursion.

1. Chikballapura

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This nearest and outstanding amongst other one-day cookout spots close to Bangalore. This spot is place encircled by five slopes and is popular for you traveling, climbing, and investigating the regular excellence. Probably the best spot to visit in Bangalore, it is likewise known for the silk and incense industry. You can attempt rock climbing and furthermore visit the sanctuaries close by.20 Best Places To Visit In A Day Near Bangalore. Then It is among the best places to visit close to Bangalore for one road trip. Book Chikballapura Trip.

Popular for: Sightseeing and rock climbing

Distance from Bangalore: 59 kms

Travel Time: 1 Hours 8 minutes

Spots To Stay: Hotel Rose Garden, Regency Lodge, Calista Millennia

2. Shivagange

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Probably the best spot to visit in Bangalore, Shivagange is a hillock arranged close to Bangalore, well known as an undertaking spot and Pilgrimage focus. There is a Shiva sanctuary here and a spring close by named ‘Ganga’, from which the spot infers its name. whereas Best Places To Visit In A Day Near Bangalore. This spot has a traveling trail and you can do a 3km trip to the highest point of the slope. Then It is a standout amongst other one-day cookout spots close to Bangalore. Book Shivagange Trip.

Acclaimed for: Scenic excellence, Trekking and slopes

Distance from Bangalore: 60 km

Travel Time: 1 Hour 20 minutes

Spots To Stay: Kempegowda Lodging and Boarding, Shreyas Yoga Retreats, Our Native Village, Garden Gate Lodge, Hotel Shrinidhi

3. Savanadurga

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Maybe the most popular spots to visit in Bangalore, Savanadurga is seen as the greatest stone landmark incline in Asia and is an ideal goal for one excursion from Bangalore. The Savandurga inclines are potentially the greatest spots to visit near Bangalore inside 100 km by tourists who come here to visit the asylums arranged in the lower locales. whereas Best Places To Visit In A Day Near Bangalore.This an ideal spot for experience devotees to endeavor rock climbing. You can likewise journey to the top and view the Akravati River. Book Savanadurga Trip.

Well known for: Rock climbing and journeying

Distance from Bangalore: 60 kms

Travel Time: 1 Hours 20 minutes

Spots To Stay: Banyan Breeze Home Stay, Aditya Orchards, ROTH, Lemon ranch house, Wonderla Resort

4. Nandi Hills

Nandi Hills
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Nandi Hills or Nandidurg is perhaps the most famous road trip close to Bangalore. This old slope post is well known for its journey. whereas Best Places To Visit In A Day Near Bangalore. This spot gets its name from the dazzling sculpture of Nandi (the bull) at the doorstep of Yoganandeeshwara Temple. You can see the wonderful dawn from the ridge and furthermore visit different spots like Muddenahalli and Amrita Sarovar. Book Nandi Hills Trip.

Well known for: Hills, Trekking, Sunrise

Distance from Bangalore: 62 km

Travel Time: 1 Hours 18 minutes

Spots To Stay: Hotel Mayura Pine Top Nandi Hills, Mount Palazzo, Nandi houses close to Nandi HillS, Aiyaana The Hills

5. Anthargange

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Perhaps the most stupendous spots close to Bangalore, the neglected Anthargange is an excellent slope range. This spot has a ton of caverns shaped by rocks. This is an ideal spot for daredevils as you can go for a journey, attempt rock climbing and buckling. whereas Best Places To Visit In A Day Near Bangalore. This spot is ideal for one road trip from Bangalore for those keen on spelunking as the stone arrangements have framed a few caverns worth investigating. The captivating excellence of this spot makes it probably the best spot to visit in Bangalore. Book Anthargange Trip.

Celebrated for: Trekking and Caving

Distance from Bangalore: 70 kms

Travel Time: 1 hour 30 minutes

Spots To Stay: New Sri Shanti Sagar Hotel, Zion Hills Golf Country, RUBY HOME STAY, Best Western Plus, Golden Amoon Resort

6. Avani

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Known as a favored objective for rock climbing, Avani is a little town situated in the Kolar District of Karnataka. Other than the referenced experience action, Avani is additionally acclaimed for its slope sanctuary that is committed to Goddess Sita. whereas Best Places To Visit In A Day Near Bangalore. The sanctuary is worked with the Dravidian style of design and turns out to be a piece of the Ramalingeshwara Group of Temples. Shockingly, Then it makes quite possibly the most charming traveler places close to Bangalore. Book Avani Trip,

Renowned for: Temple and rock climbing

Distance from Bangalore: 95 km

Travel Time: 2 hours

Spots To Stay: Thavaru Homestay, Debut Resorts, Highway Star India

7. Channapatna

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In case you’re pondering about the best places to see around Bangalore in a day with kids, Channapatna must be in your thought. The town is popular for its bright wooden toys, and along these lines, it is otherwise called the Toy Land of Karnataka. Other than that, the town is home to the most seasoned sanctuary of Varadaraja which portrays the splendor of the Vijayanagara realm. Therefor sure are a few landmarks which you and your children couldn’t want anything more than to visit. Book Channapatna trip.

Well known for: Toys, sanctuaries

Distance from Bangalore: 67 km

Travel Time: 1.5 hours

Spots To Stay: Farm house channapatna Bangalore mysore street, Farm house in channapatana, Shilhaandara, Organic Mandya Farm

8. Chunchi

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For then voyagers needing a getaway nearer to nature, Chunchi is the appropriate response! Chunchi Falls is a 100 feet cascade with numerous levels, and tumbling to frame a pool underneath it. Quite possibly the most beautiful spots to visit close to Bangalore inside 100 km, this is an ideal spot to loosen up and interface with the pith of nature. Appreciate swimming in the midst of the lovely landscape and common stone developments. whereas Best Places To Visit In A Day Near Bangalore. There is even a profound chasm while in transit to the falls that you may look at. Book Chunchi Trip.

Renowned for: Waterfall

Distance from Bangalore: 90 km

Travel Time: 2.5 hours

Spots To Stay: Aishwarya Residency, Brindhavan Suites, RK Beach Cottage

9. Bannerghatta National Park

Bannerghatta National Park
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If Quite possibly the most mainstream traveler places close to Bangalore, Bannerghatta National Park is a natural cave with a pet corner, zoo, butterfly nook, creature salvage focus, safari park, and snake house. Notwithstanding that Bannerghatta spellbinds with its antiquated sanctuaries, and is a mainstream objective liked for climbing and traveling in the rundown of best places to see close to Bangalore. Book Bannerghatta National Park Trip.

Renowned for: Wildlife, nature

Distance from Bangalore: 36 km

Travel Time: 60 minutes

10. Ramanagaram

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On the off chance that you are searching for spots to visit around Bangalore for one road trip, and Ramanagaram is a serious decision. This is where Sholay’s film was shot. Thus, this without any assistance is an explanation behind film buffs to visit this spot. Aside from that, you can likewise appreciate experience exercises which make this perhaps the best spot to visit close to Bangalore for one road trip. Book Ramanagaram Trip.

Renowned for: Rapeling, Caving, Camping

Distance from Bangalore: 50 km

Travel time: 60 minutes

Spots To Stay: Shri Balaji Delux Lodge, Ramgad Residency, Sri Ganesh Deluxe Lodge

11. Bilikal Rangaswamy Betta

Bilikal Rangaswamy Betta
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In the event that you appreciate nature and climbing, at that point, Bilikal Rangaswamy Betta is perhaps the best spot to visit close to Bangalore inside 100 km. Then It is a slope situated close to the town of Kanakpura at a rise of 3780 ft. If you Tikal Betta means ‘white rocks’. You will likewise discover a sanctuary committed to Swami Rangaswamy on top of the slope under the white stone. It will take you around 4-5 hours to go tough and descend regardless of whether you stroll at a relaxed speed. The perspectives from the top are simply unbelievable. Book Bilikal Rangaswamy Betta Trip.

Renowned for: Hiking

Distance from Bangalore: 70 km

Travel Time: 2 hour 25 min

Spots To Stay: Kaadgal Resort, Sindur Lodge, Gokul Lodge, Vijay Heritage, ORA ACRES

12. Kotilingeshwara

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Kotilingeshwara isn’t just a significant strict site close to Bangalore yet in addition a one-of-its-sort sanctuary as well. You will be stunned and entranced to discover lakhs of linga in the sanctuary. The sanctuary additionally gloats of a 108-ft Shiva Linga making it one of the biggest on the planet and 35 feet tall Nandi. Individuals regularly require a road trip to visit the sanctuary and paying worship to God. Then It is situated in the town of Kammasandra among Bangarapet and Bethamangala. In the event that you are visiting places close to Bangalore, ensure this one is on your rundown. Book Kotilingeshwara Trip.

Acclaimed for: Religious site

Distance from Bangalore: 97 km

Travel Time: 2 hour 25 min

Spots To Stay: Mahavishnu Rooms, Debut Hotels And Resorts, Arun Farms, Zion Hills Golf Country, New Sri Shanti Sagar Hotel

13. Kolar

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The town of Kolar close to Bangalore isn’t just celebrated for its gold mines yet additionally a few vacation destinations. You would at any rate be not permitted inside the gold mines yet you can look at Kolaramma and Someshwara Temples. While Kolaramma Temple is as old as the fifth century, Someshwara Temple was underlying the twelfth century. Both these sanctuaries have perfect and imperative engineering. Book Kolar Trip.

Renowned for: Temple jumping, photography

Distance from Bangalore: 66 km

Travel Time: 1 hour 48 min

Spots To Stay: New Sri Shanti Sagar Hotel, RUBY HOME STAY, Zion Hills Golf Country

14. Makalidurga

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Makalidurga is an interesting slope station close to Bangalore perceived by date plants, little rocks, and lemongrass. It offers an ideal site for rock climbing and climbing, notwithstanding, the climbing experience is somewhat troublesome, superb by the by. Best Places To Visit In A Day Near Bangalore There is even a little sanctuary of Shiva and Nandi situated on the peak. The historical backdrop of Makalidurga is an intriguing one and you should get some information about it. Book Makalidurga Trip.

Celebrated for: Night climbing

Distance from Bangalore: 58 km

Travel Time: 1 hour 37 min

Spots To Stay: S Comfort Lodging, Gn Residency, Farmer’s Retreat-The Ginger, Santosh Lodge

15. Skandagiri

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A champion among other travels near Bangalore and Skandagiri Hills are where you can walk around the middle of fogs. You won’t have the option to accept your own eyes when you see the view from the top. You will be encircled by puffy mists from all sides. The surprising landscape makes going as far as possible up to the top justified, despite any trouble. The Skandagiri Hills and situated close to Nandi Hills. In this way, you can either stretch out your outing to Nandi Hills or skip them on the off chance that you have just been there. Book Skandagiri Trip.

Acclaimed for: Camping, birdwatching

Distance from Bangalore: 60 km

Travel Time: 1 hour 28 min

Spots To Stay: Nandi cabins, KSTDC Hotel Mayura Pine Top Nandi Hills, Tranquilstay, Aiyaana The Hills

16. Ranganathaswamy Temple

Ranganathaswamy Temple
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Situated in the town of Magadi, Ranganathaswamy Temple is an antiquated sanctuary that is visited by travelers in tremendous numbers. The historical backdrop of the Chola sanctuary is also old as the twelfth century and holds incredible significance in the existence of individuals. Inside the sanctuary, you will locate a 3-feet tall standing picture of Narayana which is extraordinary on the grounds that generally, the icon is consistently in resting position, and The wonderful columns inside the sanctuary are developed in the style of Dravidian engineering. Book Ranganathaswamy Temple Trip.

Popular for: Heritage

Distance from Bangalore: 54 km

Travel Time: 1 hour 36 min

Spots To Stay: Haritham, Jyothi Suites, specially appointed, Shri Subham Residency, Vignesh Residency

17. Nrityagram

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Is it accurate to say that you are an enthusiast of traditional Indian society dance? At that point, there is a spot that you ought not to miss visiting on your outing to Bangalore. whereas Best Places To Visit In A Day Near Bangalore Set up in 1990 by a notable traditional artist, Nrityagram is a dance town situated on the edges of Bangalore. The best and ideal opportunity to visit the dance establishment is during the hour of the Vasantha Habba celebration when specialists would perform different dance structures. It is held in spring. Book Nrityagram Trip.

Acclaimed for: Art

Distance from Bangalore: 38 km

Travel Time: 1 hour 14 minutes

Spots To Stay: Our Native Village, Kl Comforts, New Haven, BIEC stay whereas

18. Ghati Subramanya Temple

Ghati Subramanya Temple
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Ghati Subramanya Temple is another acclaimed journey site visited by enthusiasts in enormous numbers. The sanctuary is devoted to Lord Subramanya, the ruler of snakes and furthermore the child of Shiva and Parvati. What is exceptional about this sanctuary is that in a similar icon, you will discover Lord Subramanya pointing toward the east and Sri Lakshmi Narasimha pointing toward the west. Look at Laxmi Subrahmanyan through a deliberately positioned reflect. Book Ghati Subramanya Temple Trip.

Well known for: Pilgrim site

Distance from Bangalore: 55 km

Travel Time: 1 hour 37 min

Spots To Stay: Gn Residency, S Comfort Lodging, Santosh Lodge, VAMA Retreats

19. Kempegowda Fort

Kempegowda Fort
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Otherwise called Magadi Fort, Kempegowda is an unquestionable requirement to visit fascination close to Bangalore on the off chance that you end up being near. Despite the fact that the huge bit of stronghold lies in remnants however the wonderful landscape actually makes it deserving of a visit. Initially, the post was worked of mud yet later it was changed over into a stone fortress by Haider Ali. You will likewise discover the sanctuary of Rameshwara inside the fortress worked as Vijayanagara style of design. Book Kempegowda Fort Trip.

Celebrated for: engineering and landscape

Distance from Bangalore: 59 km

Travel Time: 1 hour 37 min

Spots To Stay: Lemon ranch house, Banyan Breeze Home Stay, ROTH By JADE, Roy ranch Bangalore, AnkitVista Green Village

20. Imaginative Film City

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There is no shortage of fun activities in Bangalore, particularly for the chiller party out there. Sitting on the Bangalore-Mysore roadway at Bidadi, Innovative film city is a detect that has a lot of exercises lined out for families to appreciate including net cricket, Bull ride, go-karting, drifting, and then some. Film City likewise offers to revive water pools that have adequate fo exercises including Dino Park, Haunted Mansion, Fossil Museum, and substantially more. Book Imaginative Film City Trip.

Well known for: Net Cricket, Go-Karting, Bull Ride, Wave Pool

Distance from Bangalore: 40 KM

Travel Time: 60 minutes

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