10 Must Visit Cafes in Jaipur For Every Foodie Out There

Cafes in Jaipur

1. Jai’pour Cafe and Bar

Cafes in Jaipur
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Exhibiting the white and blue European subject, the Jai’pour bistro has arisen as the top choice among all the new bistros in Jaipur. This housetop bistro gives the vibes of sitting in Greece with its unpretentious insides decorated with bougainvillea which supplements the topic consummately. Alongside the unique inside, the bistro explores different avenues regarding its menu as well. An ideal home base spot for individuals hoping to explore different avenues regarding fluctuated treats and beverages, similar to the “Alcoholic Banta”.

Must Try: Pizza, Paneer Tikka, Nachos, Chicken Tikka, Greek Salad
Location: Devraj Niwas, Khasa Kothi Crossing, Gopal bari, Jaipur
Timings: 6pm-1:30am
Cost For Two: Rs. 1,400 approx.
Zomato rating: 3.9/5

2. Anokhi Cafe

Cafes in Jaipur
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Fitting completely in the rundown of the best bistros in Jaipur, Anokhi Cafe is the spot that will satisfy your taste buds without breaking your eating routine arrangement. The inside of the bistro gives a casual vibe and remembering the wellbeing they just serve natural food. Thus, on the off chance that you’re searching for something sleek and garbage, at that point presumably you need to search for different spots.

Must have: Bagel, Coffee cake, Pasta, Sandwiches
Location: C 11, 2nd Floor, KK Square, C Scheme, Jaipur
Timings: 10 am-7:30 pm
Cost For Two : Rs. 750 approx.
Zomato rating: 4.0/5

3. Tapri Central

Cafes in Jaipur
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A cup of chai along with a group of friends and the rooftop view of the beautiful “Pink City” makes a picture-perfect plan. Isn’t it? The Tapri Central brings this plan into reality with their rooftop cafe in Jaipur. With the wooden furniture at the place and the chai served in the cute little government office glasses, this place will remind you of your grandparent’s home. The interior holding an old charm and of course the delicious chai makes this place top the list of best rooftop cafes in Jaipur.

Must have: Tadka Maggi, Mojito, Sauteed mushrooms, Kesar Chai
Location: B4 E, 3rd Floor, Surana Jewellers, Opposite Central Park, C Scheme, Jaipur
Timings: 7:30 am- 10:15 pm
Cost For Two: Rs. 750 approx.
Zomato rating: 4.6/5

4. O2- The plant cafe

Cafes in Jaipur
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A total interchangeable to its name, this lovely housetop bistro is improved with plants which adds newness to its vibe. Alongside a tranquil spot to unwind, this bistro is a pocket agreeable spot for individuals running on a limited spending plan. Along these lines, in case you’re on a hunt for finding an unwinding and spending well-disposed spot in Jaipur, at that point you can not miss this spot.

Must have: Pizza, Ravioli, Bruschettas, Pasta Primavera
Location: C 29, 4th Floor, Pankaj Singhvi Marg, Lal Kothi, Jaipur
Timings: 10 AM- 11 PM
Cost For Two: Rs. 700 approx.
Zomato rating: 4.1/5

5. On the house

Cafes in Jaipur
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Aside from the rich and bona fide Rajasthani thali, individuals can likewise hope to get some newly blended espresso and colorful European luxuries sitting in Jaipur. Furthermore, we are dead serious! This extravagant bistro in Jaipur serves changed flavors directly from the European kitchen and it’s unquestionably not frustrating. In this way, the following time you visit the Pink city, don’t pass up a great opportunity to take a nibble of the extravagant taste of the various indulgences with the taste directly from Europe.

Must have: Chicken Burritos, Mocktails, Waffles, Pasta
Location: E 145, Ramesh Marg, Behind Talwalkars, C Scheme, Jaipur
Timings: 8:30 AM-11 PM
Cost For Two: Rs.1,300 approx.
Zomato rating:

6. Nibs Cafe

Cafes in Jaipur
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At last, emerging from the imperial culture, Jaipur is venturing into the zone of a radical temporary fad. The Nibs bistro in Jaipur impeccably features this change with its beautiful and flower child insides. Finished with crazy feathered creature pens to sit, this spot is a heaven for the chocolate darlings. You can likewise stop here to take a chomp of their fluctuated scope of pasta and lip-smacking shakes.

Must have: Pasta Alfredo, Hazelnut Frappe, Cookie shake
Location: B-16 Durgadas Colony, Next to MGF Mall, Bhawani Singh Road, C Scheme, Jaipur
Timings: 11 AM – 10:45 PM
Cost For Two: Rs.750/- approx.
Zomato rating: 4.2/5

7. Brown Sugar Cafe and Lounge

Cafes in Jaipur
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Away from the hustle clamor, sitting in a comfortable bistro and appreciating some espresso seems like an unordinary plan in Jaipur. Isn’t that so? Cafes in Jaipur Yet, presently the Brown Sugar Cafe and Lounge invites you with that equivalent mitigating grasp, which you were glancing in the Pink city alongside their variations in Italian cooking and prepared enjoyments. It is perhaps the best bistro in Jaipur which serves a brilliant assortment of prepared dinners, so on the off chance that you’re in the city, at that point you can’t miss this spot.

Must-Try: Pasta, Virgin Mojito, Pizza, Sandwiches, KitKat Shake
Location: Aurum Apartment, Tilak Marg, C Scheme, Jaipur
Timings: 11 AM
– 11 PM
Cost For Two: Rs.600 approx.
Zomato rating:

8. Taruveda Bistro

Cafes in Jaipur
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On the off chance that you’re burnt out on the light meals in the bistros in Jaipur, at that point you should go to Taruveda Bistro. They serve valid sushi and the tasteful insides of this spot are only an ideal blend. Cafes in Jaipur What’s more, regardless of the event that you’re adjusting your perspective from attempting sushi, at that point simply realize that they additionally serve goliath burgers and crepes as well.

Must-Try: Sushi, Tofu Burger, Crepe Suzette, Pepperoni Pizza, Chicken wings
Location: 1st Floor, Suraj Villa
a, 2 Mysore House, Jacob Road, Civil Lines, Jaipur
Timings: 12noon – 11 PM
Cost For Two: Rs. 1,000 approx.
Zomato rating: 4.0/5

9. Loft18

Cafes in Jaipur
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Loft18 is another extra to the rundown of extravagant new bistros in Jaipur. Enhanced with wonderful pixie lights and window boxes which gives a hearty feel to the spot. An ideal joint spot to go through the day in comfort, away from the disorder of the city. Cafes in Jaipur Their inside, yet the delicious taste of panini and four cheddar pizza will simply knock your socks off.

Must-Try: Chocolate Bomb, Brownie Extravaganza, Thin Crust Pizza, Hot chocolate
Location: 18A, Above Mahatma Gandhi Hospital, Govind Marg, Raja Park, Jaipur
Timings: 8AM- 2AM
Cost For Two: Rs.400 approx.
Zomato rating: 3.9/5

10. The Stag Restro Cafe and Lounge

Cafes in Jaipur
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On the off chance that you’re going unconventional and missing the rich legacy of Rajasthan, at that point this housetop in a bistro in Jaipur is the perfect spot for you. Exactly when you will savor the delectable cooking of the bistro, you can catch the wonderful perspective on the Amer stronghold from the housetop.

Cafes in Jaipur

Must Try: Pink Pasta, Cheesy Fries, White Pasta, Sandwiches
Location: Opposite Amer Fort, Amer, Jaipur
Timings: 9AM to 11PM
Cost For Two: Rs.700 approx.
Zomato Rating: 3.6/5

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